Invaluable Investment Kit

FREE Invaluable Information & Insights on our Investments/Experiences in Property Investing Kit
The Investment kit and Insights event are for registered members only.

You do not have to pay (For events occurring before 28th Feb 2011), sign a course or invest in anything subsequently. This is not a preview to another seminar. We are open to like-minded people but do reserve the rights to whom we collaborate with. Actual dates and timing are subjected to change without prior notice. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

Our investments represent our own interest. They are with reputable and financially stable firms in Singapore, with representation by established law firms and auditors. All matters are governed by Singapore laws.

For Investors
To register your membership and receive our investment kit, simply SMS +65 9008 6903 or email with your name, mobile and email.

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PROPERTY INVESTORS CLUB | Making Money from Property Investments A Club for Investors by Investors We are a group of true-blue Investors sharing on our strategies and experiences that helped us make money from property investments. Property Investors Club is an unbiased and independent body set up for the specific purpose to continuously explore and invest in lucrative investment grade assets. Our investment mantra for our property and business portfolio is: Strategically sound projects, in all-encompassing directions, that offer HIGH YIELDS & HIGH CAPITAL GAINS, optimum results with minimum risk. As such, We are driven by the lucrativeness and viability of the investment opportunity rather than by sector or country. We are Investors ourselves! Our investments and business interest solely represents our own and are for members only. Thank you. To register, SMS (65) 9008 6903 or email with your name, mobile and email. Indicate PIC-BM or PIC-EM 10 Anson Road #10-11 Singapore 079903 (65) 9008 6903 | 6638 3798 | | Skype: PropertyInvestorsClub Check Out! GREEN INVESTMENTS FORUM | Green Economy Initiative EQUITIES INVESTORS NETWORK | Capital Gains from Trend Investing BUSINESS INVESTORS GROUP | Networking & Crowd-sourcing

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