About Us

Martin Sim
See Martin’s posts on Investor’s Mindset and Psychology here.

1. Q: Who are we?
PIC: We are a group of true-blue investors expanding our network. We are open to like-minded people who are seeking investment opportunities. We are also open to newbies provided they are humble enough to learn.

2. Q: What are we doing?
PIC: For Investors, we are expanding on a community of Property Investors to reach out to other like-minded people who are interested to invest in properties and to new members who may not know where to start.
We are also open to Active Investors who are interested to play an active role in our expansion plans. These people will get first hand knowledge and insights on our current events. We are also actively recruiting suitable individuals or JVs for our projects.

3. Q: Why are we doing this?
PIC: Although most people would prefer to invest in property on their own. (Investing is almost always counter-intuitive.) YOU DO NOT INVEST IN PROPERTIES ALONE. It is not worth the risk investing in property alone and also, it can be really tough investing in property alone. We are doing this because we are interested to put in place a system that truly benefits the Investors and not with the focus of selling a property or earning a course fee in mind. That’s why we are called Property Investors Club, not investing club or investment club. Our main focus is to keep things worthy for the Investors because we are Investors ourselves.

4. Q: What do we invest in?
PIC: Property Investors Club is an unbiased and independent body set up for the specific purpose to continuously explore and invest in lucrative investment grade assets. Our investments and business interest solely represents our own. Our investment mantra for our property and business portfolio is: Strategically sound projects, in all-encompassing directions, that offer HIGH YIELDS & HIGH CAPITAL GAINS, optimum results with minimum risk. As such, We are driven by the lucrativeness and viability of the investment opportunity rather than by sector or country.

5. Q: Why do I not see any of your advertisements in the newspapers?
PIC: We are not a property agency, reseller or conducting an education course as such do not see the need to advertise in the newspapers. Furthermore, as our main objective is in the actual investing, we want to keep all our cost as low as possible to benefit our Investors.

6. Q: Is Property Investors Club a registered company?
PIC: Currently, Property Investors Club is listed under Products & Services of our main company. Further information on this is available to registered members.

7. Q: How do I register?
PIC: Click here.

8. Q: How stable is Property Investors Club?
PIC: Most and our major Investors prefer to remain anonymous but as for our funding and books, we are doing pretty well. Registered members have more information on this.


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